New funny destination in Greece: Kalamata!

Why traveling in Kalamata!?

Because is sun, is fun, is vibrant!

Traveling in Kalamata early April? Of course! Why not!?

And yes, there are plenty of things to do and see!


Fastest option to travel is, of course, the plane. Kalamata (Peloponnese) has its own airport, but the flights are not too often and not too cheap. Solution!? Fly to Athens instead, and take the bus to Kalamata. This option is convenient since it takes only 3 hours to arrive, + you will see the beautiful sightseeing in Greece!


{ Travel tips for Greece: You will find cheap flights to Athens, including low cost companies. Once you are in Athens, you have 2 options:

  1. Visit the city center (strongly recommended) by taking the metro station to Monastiraki (very center of Athens), or,
  2. Take the bus X93 that takes you straight to main bus station in Athens.

The cost of metro from Athens airport to the city center is 10 Euros and for the bus X93 taking you to the main bus station is 6 Euros.

Further information for bus hours and itineraries:

Of course you may have other travel options to choose (like renting a car) but the two mentioned above are the right ones for most of us, I guess!}

pic Kalamata


And here we are! Welcome to lively Kalamata, the place close to imposing mount Taygetos and Mediterranean Sea.

You will observe that the city is more and more vibrant, especially during the night! You will hear many motor bikes passing by, a lot of national and, lately, international youngsters, eager to have fun and spend valuable time here. You may find a Youth Center right in the heart of the old town, where people gathering all over are involved in different local community projects. Everywhere is kind of a relaxing and vibrant atmosphere in the same time (depends on the hours J)


Renting rooms is actually easy; prices differ from a place to another, so is up to you to choose the conditions. We recommend, or, to find cheap accommodation in Kalamata. If you are willing to get more tan and relaxing moments on the beach, we recommend you the hotels in the marina area; if you prefer getting more into locals, why not trying the areas of the old city center!? You can have a 25 minutes’ walk to the shore.

Once you are settled, relax and have a meal at local restaurants, where you will find traditional made food, and not only. You may choose different dishes, from pita or rice with calamari, to different kind of pastas and meat preparations. If you are vegetarian, you can have a Greek salad without cheese, but add Kalamata olives instead. The list of special dishes may continue forever. Just ask what you are willing to serve, and best recommendations will be provided by locals.


The central historic place is the Othon square with Agii Apostoli small, stone church, where the Greek Revolution (Greek War of Independence) started in 1821. On the sides, many local stores selling food, clothes, and souvenirs. Not too far, you may find the Traditional Dance Museum (the entrance is 3 Euros per person, large groups must have an appointment and English speaking guide is provided). A very nice view of the city can be observed at the remaining castle from the hill (the entrance is 2 Euros, students or retirees entrance is free of charge). It is not actually a castle, but a small church is situated on the pick of the hill. From this place, breath taking landscapes may be observed and the Mediterranean Sea is looking like one step away. Nevertheless, you will discover on any corner parts of Greek history, just make yourself time to reveal it by yourself.

Don’t forget to visit the port of Kalamata (Messinia Bay), where you may find many yachts and a nice atmosphere. The beach is close to it, so why not continue giving you a nice tan while enjoying a glass of cocktail or beer. Yes, drinking alcohol in public areas is permitted in Kalamata. The weather in April here vary from a day to another but you will still have days with perfect sun on the sky. Just remember that the distance between the beach and old city center is 25 minutes walk, but no worry, you will see many nice places on the way, including a nice park with old train station on a side.

The streets in Kalamata are T shape since there is a main coastal road and many others getting deeper trough the shore, including the main street leading to old city gates. On the sides you will see many buildings, old and new, but not too tall or fancy as you might think.


The night life in Kalamata is so vibrant! Lots of bars, clubs, taverns and restaurants, opened just to make you feel the vibe of such a lovely place. Do not forget to taste local drinks like aniseed-flavored ouzo!


You probably like shopping, right? If the answer is positive, this is the right place for you, since you will find international brands like Timberland, Adidas, across old city center and many other local stores, offering you  not only cloths but a variety of products that surely will make you happy about just trying them, or taking some with you.

Consider that the shops are open generally after 10 o’clock in the morning, with 1 or 2 hours break during after-noon. The prices are generally low with same quality as you invest. International brands make the difference both in price and quality.

Shopping checked, tan checked, fun also checked, so why don’t you stay here forever? Of course, is up to you to decide, but don’t forget to share your experience once you reach such a vibrant place! Sharing is always caring, right!? And yes, enjoy life and make the best of it!

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